The Adventures of Tony Tony Chopper is a ONE PIECE zine dedicated to highlighting our blue-nosed reindeer's life and adventures!Contributor Applications open Jan 10th - Feb 14th

Meet the captains!

Chief Doctor Nana
He round, he pink, he smol, he angy, he happy; I love this little boyZine Experience | Twitter

Chief Doctor aijou
i hate cotton candy so ill give all of my share to chopper. nice to meet you!!Zine Experience | Twitter

Chief Doctor Sim
I can't wait to celebrate the best-est reindeer to ever live with all of you 💖Zine Experience | Twitter

Chief Doctor lillachan
Always thinking about Chopper laying on top of Law's head (⁀▽⁀)☆Zine Experience | Twitter | Instagram

Chief Doctor Asteria
Chopper babie 🥺 I really like Chopper and Zoro's sibling dynamicsZine Experience

Chief Doctor Nour
My favorite thing about Chopper is his nurturing and empathetic personality that just makes me want to squeeze him and never let go!!Zine Experience | Twitter | Instagram


Interest CheckNov 20th - Dec 20th
Chopper's Birthday!Dec 24th
Contributor AppsJan 10th 2023 - Feb 14th
Response EmailsFeb 20th
Pitches dueMarch 5th
1st Check-inMarch 25th
2nd Check-inApril 25th
3rd Check-inMay 25th
Final SubmissionsJune 15th
Preorders OpenJuly 1st
Preorders CloseAug 1st
Photo of Chopper looking up while sitting

Frequently asked questions

Photo of Chopper walking

What is a fan zine?
A fan zine is a compilation of fan works of the creative nature that are compiled and published in a booklet.
Who can apply?
We ask that all interested applicants be at least 18 years of age, or older, by the time applications close on February 14th, 2023.
What are the guidelines for applications?
See guidelines.
Will this zine be monetized? Where will the profits go?
Our zine will be a charity project, with any funds made after production being donated to Doctors Without Borders. We are certain our doctor would approve!
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a digital version of the zine, with any digital merchandise. Our goal is to be able to send every contributor a complete full bundle, including a physical zine and all merchandise, if sales allow.
Is this project SFW?
Yes, this project is suitable for work.
Will this zine include spoilers?
Creators are allowed to include spoilers.
How many contributors are you planning to include?
The number of accepted applicants may vary however, we are aiming for: 25 Page Artists, 5 Writers, 7 Merch Artists, and 3 Spot Illustrators (including guests).
How will the zine be accepting payment?
Payments will be done through PayPal.

application guidelines

⊱ Please ensure that there are no boundaries that will prevent the mod team from viewing your application submissions.
⊱ Samples should not be restricted (such as a private account, paywall, etc.) — please double check all privacy settings before submitting your application.
⊱ All links should be active & shared with the mods.
⊱ Please double check all submitted links are correct & as final as possible — while you may update your application, we cannot guarantee that mods will review the updates.
⊱ Any NSFW or gory content should be kept in a separate section of your portfolio & warned for appropriately in the application.

⊱ Specified information for all the roles listed above can be found at the document linked below:Contributor Guidelines
last updated: Jan 6th, 2023